It is about you… but it’s also about others.

I spend a lot of time thinking about perspective and how it affects everything in our lives. Perspective can be like thinking about the unimaginable size of the universe in that everyone has a different view of things. That different view comes from vantage point, the people in your life, the influences you have like media choices and the list goes on and on and on. With this in mind the overwhelming thought that I have is trying to comprehend the amount of compassion and understanding that comes from trying to remember how much perspective can matter.

When I say this though I’m not speaking to your perspective, or better yet mine. In some ways it can mean that but I more mean understanding that others perspective needs to be a consideration of yours/mine as we try to comprehend the direction others are coming from. The compassion and understanding that comes from clarifying and diving deeper for a more thorough comprehension can allow you to be considerate of others perspective.

The point of this isn’t to change your perspective. The point is to be able to reign in your emotions when speaking to others about their perspective. Don’t be afraid to learn and have compassion for the angle at which others view the world. It’s not about changing, it’s about understanding and finding a comfortable place for yourself by having compassion and patience for others.

All of this plays out daily for me in my profession as I cannot push or enforce my financial theory on others. I have to take the time to understand where you’re coming from and why you’re coming from that angle. Nearly always the angle is formulated from goals and past experience combined. It’s vital that I learn these things and not judge others place in the world but to find a program and path through mortgage that can fit the perspective of the client based on their “stuff” and not mine.

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